Prescient Dystopia(s)

Margaret Atwood is among those writers who may not be a seer but certainly gets it right.  In the Handmaid's Tale, she neatly foresees the 2014 political landscape on the abridgement of women's rights.

In her MaddAdam trilogy, the first of the three novels, Oryx and Crake, addresses the food we eat.  Well, we sure know that much of the processed food is, yes, over processed and just recently we learned that even the corn on the cob is probably tainted by one chemical or another.

Kafka envisioned Amerika long before the country had built its apartment buildings with long, connecting corridors that brought us up short, and often frightened because we got lost in our own landscape.

Which novel or novels talked about a merger of commercial giants that would make the Internet fair game for a monopoly that couldn't be played on a board?

Award-winning Guardian journalist Luke Harding's commentary on Democracy Now was more chilling than the abysmal weather we are having.

Are we living a 1984 life in 2014?

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