Last Tango in Amsterdam

The movie theatres in Amsterdam differed from those in the United States.   You paid for your seat, and your seat was more or less expensive depending on how "far back" you sat.

I don't remember who I went with. I don't remember the film.  I know it had subtitles.

And now all these years later, I watched it on the computer.   The disk was somewhat damaged.

Schneider & Brando 1972

Schneider & Brando 1972

Schneider & Brando 1972

Both lead actors have passed away.  They remained friends throughout their respective lives.

The film was controversial then.   Would it be today?

What was Bernardo Bertolucci's intentions?   Both Brando & Schneider had very little good to say about their roles after the film was completed.   They said, "we were exploited."

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