Warbler Burial ... no ritual!

I was clearing one patch of ground near the house bit by bit.   And when finished I would lay down a nice layer of mulch and hope to plant on it next season.

While raking I noticed an unusual colour.

Not a weed, but a bird.   Dead.

I don't know when the bird died,  but on the day I discovered it, ebird was describing two similar Warblers--the Blackpoll & the the Bay Breasted.

Bay-breasted Warbler (Wiki)

Blackpoll Warbler (Wiki)

I thought I'd read the article, see if I could determine whether this bird was one or the other, but I found myself bereft. 

The discovery brought back very unpleasant childhood memories.

Today I dug a grave, put a marker at the spot and hoped the images would diminish.

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