Old Work 2, Abstracts

Gifted to Red Dog Scott in exchange for a tarot book

Knife in the Water

Experiment with walnut ink

If my eyes don't deceive me these were made in 2002;  the first two small abstracts in a Jonathan Talbot workshop (Warwick, New York).

I am closing down a very old website that has languished for many years and for which I have a quarterly fee.   Rather than try to find these images which are probably lost in computer moves and losses, I copied and pasted them here.


  1. I love looking at collages. These are great I especially like the last one. I'm going to have to look up your posts on collage now. :o) Best wishes x

    1. Thanks for looking in, Lisa....Hope the boy is well and that you are able to do more work yourself.

      Best wishes....x