Fountain Pen Day

I've taken out some of the neglected fountain pens and they whined from neglect.

And I've inked up others.

And here is one of those fountain pens that doesn't get a great deal of use.

1930 Gold Bond Triumph, ringtop

This pen appears to have quite a pedigree, but until recently I only knew that she is as sweet as any pen can be and lovely to use.   A Gold Bond, with a 14k nib, small in the hand, and perfect for my hands.

The pens I inked include a Conklin, also vintage, a Safari Al-Star in ruby, three Esterbrooks and using my new dailies, two Pilots, a Black Metropolitan and an Apple Green fun Kakuno.

I don't generally have so many pens inked, but did because I am editing a book and wanted to test out all the reds in my stable.

Hope all the fountain pen folks are enjoying reading blogs and signing up for some fabulous giveaways.


  1. That's a nice Gold Bond! Flex nib? I especially like the cool pen rest, which looks vintage. I almost picked up my first Conklin at Ohio Pen Show but managed to walk away.

  2. Hello, Paul.

    The Gold Bond does flex but I don't know how much as I am quite gentle with her. The pen rest is really a watercolour brush rest that has aged over time. :)