Je suis Charlie

Before I had my first morning coffee, I had received three news alerts that a shooting had occurred in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices, with possibly 12 dead.

All this was quickly confirmed on my public radio station by Democracy Now, and then BBC.  The Guardian and the New York Times both had live feeds from Paris.   With so many hours difference, it was not easy to keep up with what happened when.

Georges Wolinski Desk, Courtesy his Daughter by instagram

Although I often weep at death, I have a particular sensitivity to journalists deaths, and this murder is no different.  Whether Charlie Hebdo's editors did right or wrong is not the question.

The bigger question is why "senseless killing?"

The Times just sent through its afternoon update with this headline.

Long before Theo van Gogh was killed in Amsterdam in 2004, it was clear that integration in Europe was fragile.  It remains so, and perhaps increases with time. 

It is unlikely we'll see much positive change as retribution seems to operate on a larger scale than compassion.  

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