Arboreal: Sweet Maple Bare

Back in August, Julie Prichard at The Land of Lost Luggage suggested we take a photograph of a favoured tree. Often operating as a literalist, I photographed my single, on property Maple tree.

Maple Tree, August 2009

Now months later, wind blowing, rain pouring, and one unsettling early October snow, my Maple's leaves have become a nesting ground for my animal neighbours and the tree itself stands starkly proud.

Maple Tree, November 2009

The poet, John Clare, talks to us on
The Maple Tree

The Maple with its tassell flowers of green
That turns to red, a stag horn shap├Ęd seed
Just spreading out its scallopped leaves is seen,
Of yellowish hue yet beautifully green.
Bark ribb'd like corderoy in seamy screed
That farther up the stem is smoother seen,
Where the white hemlock with white umbel flowers
Up each spread stoven to the branches towers
And mossy round the stoven spread dark green
And blotched leaved orchis and the blue-bell flowers -
Thickly they grow and neath the leaves are seen.
I love to see them gemm'd with morning hours.
I love the lone green places where they be
And the sweet clothing of the Maple tree.

Come Spring the Maple will drape itself, once more, in russet leaves and shade me from the open sky.


  1. Beautiful, Zoe! I love how you mentioned that her leaves will now find their way off with your animal friends..what a great feeling!
    Thank you for playing along with us!

  2. The contrast between the two shots is so stark but there is so much beauty in both!

  3. Thanks, Julie and Seth for stopping by and commenting.

  4. This tree will be neat to document not just for Julies little project but for years to come! I bet it growns into a beauty! I'm hoping I can get a photo of my tree covered in snow this winter too...

  5. Hi there,

    Love the contrast between those two pics! A few months ago I contacted you re: J M Pennifeather and you gave us a fantastic link. We now have a lot of people asking us for fine nib pens! (which we only stock a few) I wonder if you would mind changing it from J. M. Pennifeather Fine Pens (UK) to J M Pennifeather Fountain Pens or even better simply: Fountain Pens UK?

    If that doesn't suit please don't worry we are happy to just have the link:-)

    All the best for the new year!

    Best Regards


  6. It's the final arboreal week...stop by so we can see your tree!