Dada in New York: Man Ray

Man Ray ©

A look at Man Ray, his life and work will be presented, ironically, at the Jewish Museum in New York City starting November 15.

Ray not only distanced himself from his family roots, in what is referred to as his "dialectic of assimilation," he essentially became "the enigma" he wishes for among the surreal and splendid artists and writers of Dada, all gathered together in Paris, also intent on redefining art and themselves.

Best known for his photographs, Man Ray, like his contemporary, Picasso, was a prodigious artist who invented the rayograph, and assembled a huge number of works from paper to conceptual structures.

As I am a fan of both Dada and all things surreal, I will make every effort to see the exhibit.

Information on the exhibit can be found at the Jewish Museum.

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