Bragging rights: My daughter

I sit miles away.  I can't see her face.  I can't touch her, or lend her a hand with her new projects, but I can be proud, and I am of her work in Pittsburgh and the life she has made for herself and her family (Reid, Anya Bean and Ruby Slippers).

Marijke Hecht, via Pittsburgh Magazine ©

Yesterday, she was interviewed on the telly, and an article appeared in the Post Gazette about the work she is doing with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to rebuild an educational center in Frick Park.

Preen, preen, preen!


  1. This looks like a great project. No wonder you are proud.

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      I've been wondering if you went on holiday what with no new work on your blog.

      Hope all is well.

  2. Just starting to get back to normal now after non arty things took over and I had a trip home to see my folks. Dad hasn't been well and hopefully after a pacemaker is fitted tomorrow he will be back to normal and less of a worry. Thank you for thinking of me.

  3. Check your email, Lisa, and in the meantime best to Dad and family.