Fountain Pens Back in Favour

I've been using a fountain pen for decades, literally, and have always gotten odd looks and weird comments from many, most especially at a working meeting and an ink fill.

Now it appears (and I've seen this article circulating widely) the BBC is reporting the use and collection of fountain pens is on the rise.

It may even be true in my own family.
Kaweco Sport Ice, Fine (via Jet Pens

I bought my 8 year old grand-daughter, Anya Bean, a Kaweco Ice Sport from Jet Pens for her birthday next week after her mother gave me a lukewarm approval and Anya used mine with great success.


  1. I think this is a great birthday gift. The Kaweco Sport is a good beginner's pen and it'll foster a love of writing in Anya for years to come. My grandmother gave me my first fountain pen when I was 15 and sadly, it's been lost for years but it holds a special and is why I use fountain pens now.

  2. Thanks, Jennie, I do hope it takes hold, that is, the fountain pen fever, for Anya, a most artistic type.

    And it is good to know you have fond memories of your grandmother who gave you your first fountain pen.

    I wish I had mine, but it too got lost over the years.