Ebony sketchbook tests

It's been days since I played with the Ebony by Daler-Rowney, and yes, I think it is a keeper. It compares favourably with the Stillman & Birn Alpha that I love to bits.

Click on image to see the supplies tested

As my tasks are consuming me, my time photographing anything is slow, and not steady.

It does take wet;  it does take markers; it does not bleed through.  And I will be adding this sketchbook to my favourite pile--too many sketchbooks are already on the also ran pile and destined to be given away or tossed into the burn barrel.

Now I have about five favourites:  The Stillman & Birns; the Exaclair sketchbook; the Super Deluxe Aquabee with the brown cover; and the Pentalic Nature Sketch.  The Aquabee and Nature Sketch only come in spiral bound.

As I generally do not sketch across both sides of any journal whether it is spiral or hardbound appears not to interfere with my working habits.  If I had it my way, not easy to come by, I'd have a Moleskine style sketchbook with perfect paper.  Alas, alack, such a beast does not exist.

Ebony sketchbook tests, a photo by parsifalssister on Flickr.

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