Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down

Early this afternoon I had brunch with friends.  We didn't agree on language (their native language is Polish); we didn't agree on politics; they are right; I am left; we raised our voices.  But we also acknowledged our mutual respect for each other and our similarities rather than our differences.  We shared how we came to our beliefs, if not always our values.  We shared pirogi, and a most excellent cup of coffee.   Then when I came home I found three alerts that Ms. Giffords had stepped down.

Perhaps a carry over from my conversation with my friends, or the emotions that were unleashed by talks of the War (yes, number 2, or how my friends parents, Polish Christians had been concentrated in Buchenwald or my friends had escaped), or just the way the world looks to me these days, but this video brought tears to my eyes and had me all choked up.

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