Fountain Pen Cleaning, Part II

First thanks to Kelly (Kilmer) and Stephanie Smith (Rhodia Drive) for linking to my post on cleaning fountain pens.

Second, I am nearly finished with the task.

A piston Senator and a cartridge Sailor fountain pen
It has taken me far longer than I anticipated, but then when you have as many fountain pens as I have collected in my lifetime, it is not so surprising.   Using a wee bit of Dawn liquid detergent in the water has proven very useful.

I wish Stephanie lived closer.  If she did,  I'd try to induce or bribe her to help me photograph the pens for sale.  She always does such a terrific job on her blog,  The Spiritual Evolution of the Bean.

Or if  I was closer to Kelly or one of her classes  I would ask her to test the pens out on her remarkable journal pages.  Kelly is one of very few artists I met on line who I actually met in person, taking a class with her in Westchester years ago, and also sharing membership at Belle Papier (now disbanded) for many years.

Without either of these women, I am on own with my small digital camera.  However, I will give each and every pen its due.


  1. I miss the CT stamp stores...thank you for the kind words on my pages.

    Your blog is fabulous and wonderful. Thank You for all of your informative posts!!

  2. Thank you, Kelly, hope all is well with the family and Mom.