Pens: Fickle Finger of Fate: The Morriset

Ages ago I bought two Morriset ink wells with dip pens.  I quickly sold one, and held off selling the second one.

Now as fate would have it, I find that I use it often, and nearly always to test inks because it is the most reliable of all dip pens, has a large reservoir and is less time consuming to ink than an ordinary fountain pen.   Also testing in a proper pen, fountain or dip, is more reliable than swab tests to test colour(s).

And today I received a rare replacement nib, and guess what, enclosed inside the small cylinder is a wee tattered piece of paper with the following instructions:

Before using this point, thoroughly rinse your set with cold water.  Use fresh ink supply.  Genuine Morriset ink is recommended.  Insure long life for your point.

Original packaging for  Morriset set © 1950s

Morriset Inkwell with Dip Pen

I don't recall the history of this particular brand, but several manufacturers made similar inkwells with pens, most notably Esterbrook.

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