He said, "life is a circle."

It was 1986.

We were in Denver at a conference.

I never forgot his insistence that people, and life itself always comes full circle.

And today as I finished, or nearly finished organising all my books, with an emphasis on art books, I found I had Martha McEvoy's first two issues of Trumpetvine.  These were made in 2002.   We were all active in the artists journals group then, and Martha was among the first to do a zine within the group.  Later, but not much later I created, "Art on the Loose," with a totally different focus.

So imagine my surprise in reading through Issue 2 even more than her first issue the amount of information she shared about "fountain pens."

It includes some of the very pens folks are talking, now, and several of the issues that come up, time and again, about waterproof, archival, fading and bleeding.   She had a wee diagram (page 14 of zine 2) of several pen line variations.  The pens she used were the Rotring, a Pelikan 600, a Reform, Parker Sonnet and what I assume may be the Ackerman Pump pen.

It's a pity the zine is out of print, Martha no longer doing it, and that the circle is so elastic.

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