A Weekend of Music

I was once married to a Disc Jockey.  The music he played on air was contemporary.   We didn't listen to that music at home, but his voice was as good as any recording I've ever heard then or now.  In fact it was his voice that drew me to him.

After that relationship ended, I became involved with a Sicilian molecular biologist who only loved classical music.  He had one room that was filled floor to ceiling with recordings and a central island with a sound system.   When I visited that room, he was buried under vinyl and couldn't hear me enter because he was wearing head-phones.

This weekend I listened to the Cd's and tapes each of these incredible men gave me.  I believe I have all of Mahler's symphonies and various versions of the Fifth.

The disc jockey is now retired and returned to his home town of San Francisco (CA);  the molecular biologist also returned home to Catania (Sicily) and continues to explore and splice genes.

They both still listen to the same music they did then.

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