Alvin in paper

Early for an interview weeks ago in Hasbrouck, I stopped off at our singular stationer and art supply shop in Monticello.  On hand was Bob, the friendly at the front desk salesman, and just as I was about to pay and leave the store with some unneeded but purchased anyway office supplies, I remembered that the last time I was in they had the Rhodia notebooks on sale.

It seems they are discontinuing Rhodia, but added this new series by Alvin. 

Alvin ALG14

They are made in Turkey, seem to be utilitarian styles and have quality 80g/m vellum paper.  The pad I picked up is 4.3x6.7, gridded and perforated.  The pad was priced at $2.45.

Testing Pens

I tried a few pens on it, with various inks, and it seems like a good substitute for similar quick note pads I use at interviews.

Uranus, in particular, bleed through

However, several pens do create significant bleed through, in particular, the Uranus.

At this price, and with my penchant for writing tools, not a bad purchase.

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