Planning a Garden, 2nd Stage

Mixed Beds - Flowers and Vegetables

Beds and Containers, Mixed Plantings

Saracennia oreophila
Too much grass.  I have four areas going, one is encircled by a short fence, another is just beyond the walkway in the back of the house, a third is in development as a rain garden and the fourth is being prepared for some of the plants I suspect won't make it in containers beyond one season, but are perennials.

Today it is raining, and heavily, so no gardening just thinking, planning and catching up on garden books and magazines.

Our season is radically different than I am accustomed to and may be even more unpredictable with climatic changes.


  1. I agree about climatic changes, Zoe.. I had it too in here :(
    greetings from Find Recipes for You!

  2. Nomnomonommmm :o) it looks like you are growing a feast! (for the eye as well as the stomach.) Everything is dismally wet here too but looking very green amongst the mud. Thank you for showing your beautiful garden.

  3. Thanks FindRecipes for stopping by.

    Lisa, this is more desire than reality but getting close. :)