Calligraphy, dipping or not

After messing around and messing is the operative word, with several of my dip pens and various nibs, I realized that these days I'd rather make my life easier, and sought out some alternatives.

I found that Hero has put out a new calligraphy pen, and ordered one from Todd Nussbaum at isellpens immediately and within less than 48 hours it arrived in my mailbox.  (Isellpens is a match for Jet Pens for rapid responses to orders.)

Photo: Isellpens website

I haven't had a chance to take any sample photos, but it is one smooth writer, not too easy to load, but it can be used with cartridges. It comes with 3 nibs, 1.1; 1.5 and 1.9.   The converter is a little unusual, and with less than perfect vision it took a few tries to discover it has a slider at its upper edge.  It is a light weight pen, and on the small size but has a nice feel in the hand.  I loaded it with Noodlers Brown 41, a new favourite, and had a good time scribbling or is that calligraphy.

I've only tried the 1.1 but it appears to be smoother than my Lamy Safari 1.1 nibs and seems to have a tiny bit of flexibility.  It comes in several colours and is very affordable.

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