Palomino Pencils, yes, no, maybe so

My blogging, on line friend, Nikiraart generously sent me a Palomino and a Blackwing 602  pencil to try out.  The distributor,, is selling them by the dozen and if you follow this blog you'll recall from my inventory I am not one without pencils.  I wrote and asked if they would offer half dozen mixed orders, but they said they haven't added that option.  I therefore resisted the temptation to add another dozen untested pencils to my shelf and grateful to Irina for her kindness.

The pencils are elegantly fashioned, terrific in the hand, the eraser actually works and of the two, the Blackwing 602 delivers a purer and blacker line and allows for much shading and detail.  It is intended for drawing.  I believe the Palomino Black is referred to as the writer, but they surely are interchangeable.

My single objection to these is the disappearing point, that is, the lead is so soft that it wears down quickly, and needs frequent sharpening. Palomino inaugurated a special Kum pencil sharpener for these, which I bought from the folks at Jet Pens.   I did watch several videos on how to use these special sharpeners.  However, mine may be defective or I may be lame because all it does is eat my pencil in the same way you see folks at food fests gobble--fast and greedily.

I notice in this video that pressure is exerted in hole #1:

But in the video, Andy doesn't seem to be doing more than I am doing with this sharpener.

Using a more traditional 2 hole Kum pencil sharpener that I've had for ages seemed to sharpen the pencils with greater ease and success.

I sent off a quick note to Jet Pens because it is possible that the blades in mine are defective. 

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