The Lost Art of Postcard Writing

The New York Review of Book has this to offer about the loss of postcard sending and receiving.   The comments section is a must read.

I am amongst those with a guilty conscience.

I started out as a stalwart member of the postcard exchange at the Fountain Pen Network, but have not sent a single card in a year or more.

I am in possession of dozens of unscribed postcards.

And just today I was thinking about Lenore Tawney's wonderful book, Signs On the Wind, a collection of hand made postcards to friends.

In Silence, Leonore Tawney, 1968, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Between the potential loss of the US Postal Service and the accumulation of cards I have scattered among various desks, I do believe I will actively renew my commitment to write more postcards and certainly return postcards to the few scribes who remain loyal and unflaggingly send me a beautiful card for absolutely no reason.

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