Envy Metre: 2nd International Urban Sketching symposium-Lisboa

As I travel around the net and see the wonderful work done, and the fascinating classes held at the symposium, I am green with envy.

One of the classes that would have been terrific to take is "Unfinished Business."  Nina Johnson, one of my favourite bloggers and artists, led this class with fellow artist, Jose Louro, and exhibited some of the work on her blog.

What is dynamic about a sketch often is its composition, and what is difficult about sketching is how fast a scene can change.

Another class I am sure I would have enjoyed was "Lining over Colour", instructor Richard Camara.  It is a totally different approach than colouring over line, which is what I've always done.  This is something I can do today!

And Ruth Rosengarten posted her lecture at her blog.

If you want to experience your own envy, check out the symposium's flicker pages.

NB - Marc Holmes post on 4 August is a sensational learning tool.

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