Arboreal: Cherished Trees

Maple Tree, 31 August 2009

Over at the Land of Lost Luggage trees are being photograped this week, and then two more times--an observation of nature.

I was unable to take a photograph until today, and see that the leaves are just beginning to turn brown and several are on the ground.

Too early, too soon, too rapid a summer.

The trees will be photographed again the week of November 8 and then again the week of April 4.


  1. I love it! All of the trees that are coming in look fantastic...I can't wait to see your tree change! xo Julie

  2. What a nice tree. I'm looking forward to seeing it change!

  3. Just a reminder that the Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection is up for an update next week. Try to make a post with both your original tree photo and your new tree photo and leave me a comment so I can update the links. Hope to see you then!