The Reveal of Disintegration: An Altered Page Production

Putting Dis-integration Together

Hanging the Disintegration on my porch.

Moving the Disintegration Bundle to my Maple

Progress reports of Disintegration here.

What I used: 1930s journal pages rescued from an abandoned Sicilian monastery, vintage music sheet, 2004 Valentine Day card, pages and cover of prayer book found in Park Slope (Brooklyn) in September '01.

1st layer: 8" x 10" canvas substrate, journal page, Blockx watercolour paint

What I added: Winsor & Newton, Blockx watercolour paint, background acrylic, Golden gel and matte medium, diluted white gesso.

How it came together!


  1. Very nice! Loved looking at it closeup.

  2. Lovely work! Your DisCo project went very well!

  3. Your project turned out well. Love the face!

  4. Ah! The handwriting, the woman's eyes, the outline of a head, the word "aware." All such juicy bits of wonderfulness - Jeanne in Oregon

  5. "1930s journal pages rescued from an abandoned Sicilian monastry" - wow, it took a lot of nerve to use those. or were they copies? Great piece.

  6. I like how this turned out for you....beautiful

  7. Thanks to all for your comments.

    And @ Don, I did use the original pages. No point in keeping them forever. :o

  8. i have viewed a lot of collage work for the final project to this
    your interpretation has a ...delicate, soft appeal
    how cool to rescue such papers!
    right place and time...lucky you

  9. Really Wonderful collage from your really special bundle (rescued monastery papers = WOWEE!)

  10. This is absolutely amazing! Such beauty and depth! I can't wait to share the discovery of your blogs with my sister who will be so excited by it too. Disintegration and aging are subjects dear to my heart as I both accept and fight against them daily.

  11. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my disintegration piece.

    I've learned quite a bit while creating it.