Dis-integration Bundle begins to deteriorate

Seth Apter, the artist behind Dis-integration, with more than 120 players, has set a new goal: make something from this dis-integrating (dis-integration) bundle.

A challenge.

A project.

A moment.

Let's see if I can meet any of these when I return from my May trip.

Check back for updates, if you will.

Bundle, 25 April, Maple Tree

On 25 April, the bundle is really showing signs of wind, rain, motion and perhaps even animal chatter.

Bundle, 18 April, Maple Tree

On 18 April, I found the entire bundle on the ground. The rope had broken; the paint stick flipped out 25 feet away and the wind was about to take the dis-integration project as far as the creek. I rescued it; retied it and put it back on the Maple Street.

Bundle, 15 April (close up)

On 15 April 2009, evident signs of dis-integration appear (see upper right hand corner)

Bundle, 2 April relocated to Maple Tree

After 2 April when the Dis-integration bundle was moved from the porch to the Maple Tree, it had the misfortune of falling, and started to show real signs of disintegration (see furled corner at centre).

NB: I promised to update some folks about how the bagasse paper stood up in the dis-integration project, and will report separately on Prosaic Paradise's blog


  1. I love the idea of this bundle hanging freely!

  2. One of my bundles broke free as well - turned into two. I didn't think I'd have to do maintenance on an Art project! Love your timeline approach to your bundle!

  3. Thanks, Stephanie and Renee, for stopping by and commenting.

    I can't find your bundle, Stephanie.

  4. Bravo! this was so much FUN playing with you all! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart