Tangled Alphabets at MoMA

Mira Schendel "Graphic Objects ©

León Ferrari and Mira Schendel exhibit "Tangled Alphabets at the MoMA through June 15, and reviewed at the New York Times, is undoubtedly visually appealing, but it is the backgrounds of the two artists and how they came together that has great appeal to my senses. A book of the same name is available here and at the museum.

León Ferrari (b. 1920) is from Argentina. Mira Schendel (1918-1988) was from Brasil. Their inquiry into language brought them together to create some of South America's most significant 20th century modern work.

Although my art history is severely lacking, I don't believe there are too many examples of artists working in such harmony, and with one mind at such a wide geographical divide. Van gogh had Gauguin for awhile to share and exchange ideas; Berger has Christie as evidenced in I send you this cadmium red. Undoubtedly there are others I am not aware of or can't call to mind. And certainly many familial relationships among artists are well documented.

These two artists, living apart, thinking along similar lines, produced work of this high caliber, now documented for a wider audience and one that I am privileged to now know.


  1. Thanks for this post. I am looking forward to seeing the MoMA exhibition! Love the painting you chose to include here too.

  2. Please share your impressions after you visit and enjoy.