Fujimori Convicted in Peru

Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has been convicted of human rights crimes this week.

Having been to Peru, and in the country's heartland during the run-off between former Presidents Fujimori and Alejandro Toledo, I have found myself more curious about the electoral system and general health of the country.

Hand woven Peruvian cloth

In Peru, everyone is required to return to their parish to vote, generally on a Sunday. During the days leading up to the election, public transports are overcrowded and colourful as people sit and sleep in bus aisles, covered in hand woven cloth, carrying small bundles filled with food and personal belongings.

Small town squares held demonstrations and as a political animal, much to the amazement and against the wishes of my fellow travelers, I joined them. I was caught up in the excitement of chanting "Alejandro Toledo's" name. Toledo, unlike Fujimori, comes from a poor Quechan family, is well educated and I thought the better of the two candidates.

It seems that corruption follows many a politician, both North or South.

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