It's the small things

Sometimes it is the smallest of things that make me happy.

When I was paying for my new pencil jar, a small plastic container for buttons, a ten cent pattern for collage and my new "fake" journal book, I saw a retro radio. Its a GE (might get a snap of it when the sun shines again) probably 20 years old, I reckon.

We couldn't get it to tune into my favourite local radio station, WJFF, and the gent in the Thrift Shop said, "take it home and if it works come back and fess up with the money."

And I did, go home that is.

And it works like a dream.

I was so wanting a radio for the kitchen, music and words blaring out at me as I wash up dishes and putter at the stove, and couldn't justify another big expenditure when I already have a small mixer in the studio, and a boom box down cellar, so I am as pleased as can be that it's the small things, like an $8.00 radio that can make my day brighter than bright--even when it is raining.

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