One Closet

Living in a house with one closet and untold trunks, and a penchant for dropping stuff into bowls, baskets and drawers, I can find myself in a tizzy, dizzy state looking for a simple item like a pair of shoes. In this case, transitional summer shoes rather than all my hike, bike, and mighty outdoor shoes.

Most of the trunks are down cellar but one really antique one is in the upstairs hall with my winter shoes.

I totally forget that the army trunk was buried in that one closet, and that all my summer shoes had been piled in there.

One closet, no light, a fried green tomato brain and escalating heat had me flummoxed all morning.

Doing a horary sometimes helps. Unfortunately, the Moon had gone beyond another aspect, Pluto in the 4th, and my patience wearing thin.

I did find them and immediately switched out of my winter Merrill #3 pair into my favourite but rather ratty NM Chaco black sandals.

It is mighty hot here today.

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