How to create your own tarot deck

Aleph, Hanged One, Michele Jackson ©

based on G. F. Watts

Michele Jackson, the original Tarot Passages webmistress, creates some of the most beautiful, original and delightful art. Quite some years ago, Michele put together information on creating one's own tarot deck which helped me along the way and forged some strong bonds with other collage artists, or wannabes like myself, to do several collaborative tarot projects.

I so miss the regular updates by Diane Wilkes, the second webmistress of Tarot Passages, who appears to be on a long sabbatical leave.

Moonchild has a list of some, not all, of the self-published decks in and out of print, and several being worked on here (updated February '08).

Solandia at has the largest and most up to date site on Tarot on the net, and is a fabulous resource.

This older web page floated to the top of my project lists today and with the Moon at my back, and keeping me awake with its brightest, I am thinking "is there a message in the air?"

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