Books: Conversation with Jay McInterney

Here at the NY Times, you can catch an interesting, albeit short interview with Bright Lights, Big City author Jay McInerney.

Published in 1984, Bright Lights, Big City, is a coming of age story, but whether it was 1979, or 1953, or 1931 (arbitrary dates), coming of age in New York City can't be compared to any other city.

I don't mean to suggest that other cities are unworthy, but rather that there is a uniqueness to walking the streets of the Apple that differs from walks in Paris, London, Boise, Santa Fe or Albany.

I remember looking up at skyscrapers, with those bright lights mesmerizing me well into my 20s.

I remember the night life in the Villages, East and West, with waves of highs and lows.

I can distinctly see the glowing colours on 42nd Street, Broadway, and steps that took you down, or the stairways that took you up to night-clubs, jazz joints and fine and seedy dining.

I can remember 6th Avenue's transformation to the Avenue of the Americas.

And more.

But unlike Jay McInerney I left on more than one occasion and although in my heart I know it's home, I live elsewhere.

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