My ole town hit hard in recession: Providence

Benefit Street, Providence RI

Providence was never the glitzy town The New York Magazine tried to make of it in the late 80s, or the city's movers and shakers tried to turn it into in the 90s, but rather a blue colour City that could be a town, with a patina of glaze over its upgraded Downtown, with excellent restaurants and two quality universities.

Downtown After Dark,Providence RI

Capitol, Providence RI

But blue or white, I loved its intimacy, its architecture, it's small but magnificent vistas, especially on the northern approach as 95 meets 195, the exquisite in miniature domes, and the folksiness of the predominantly immigrant populations with their loves and hates.

It hurts to think it is in dire straits and limping along in this economy. It hurts because I lived there, loved there and have family and friends who still call Providence home.

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