Books: Kitty Hart Moxon Remembers...Do We?

Off to see a lovely video of the family, YouTube recommended a series of clips from another documentary on the holocaust, one which is personal, and a memento mori.

Kitty Hart Moxon returns to Auschwitz with her adult son and remembers, as others liberated in January 1945 also remember, and apparently as I always remember.

Kitty Hart Moxon was 16 years old when she arrived at the camp, and in contrast to Anne Frank's experience, she swiftly found herself developing strategies for each tomorrow.

The startling, matter of fact revelations, the candor and the breadth of Ms. Moxon recollection of her year and a half, plus or minus, is astounding, penetrating and absorbing.

After watching less than half of the video, I am not certain I will read the book, but what I do know is that I have seen the camp, thoroughly, through Kitty Hart Moxon's eyes as if I too were present in those final years of the war, and felt her heart beat faster and faster as she shared her memories, choked up and trembling.

And, what is more, the honesty of her dialogue clarifies in some small way how she survived.

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