What is a collection: Sailors

Left to right: Sailor M1911, Sailor Sapporo, Sailor Navy Calligrapher and long clear Sailor Calligrapher

Well, I have four, a Sapporo, an M1911, a clear calligrapher and a navy blue calligrapher that looks almost but not quite like the M1911.

What I've learned writing with all of these pens, day after day this month, is that a lighter weight Sailor can be as rewarding a write as a more expensive Sailor m1911, or a Sapporo.

I liked the way a music nib (Sailor) wrote in the shop, and fantasized for weeks on end before splurging on it. Then when another Sailor came up for sale with a Zoom for a pittance, I splurged again.

Frankly, I had nearly forgotten about the two calligraphers (memory sluggish on occasion) and might not have been ever so keen on more fountain pen investments.

And, I am seriously thinking of putting the M1911 up for sale. I prefer the rhodium finishes.

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