Photographer: Eva Watson-Schütze

Cover, Camera Notes, Alfred Stieglitz's Publication, 1897-1903

Jane Byrd McCall Whitehead with Ralph Whitehead, Jr.
Eva Watson-Schütze, Platinum print, 6 inches by 8 inches

In 1989, the National Gallery (Washington, D.C) exhibited, On the Art of Fixing a Shadow: 150 Years of Photography--it was among the best exhibits I've ever attended and I've had my fair share of museum exhibits.

My copy of the publication was destroyed with dozens of other photography books in the cellar of my Providence house after a huge storm, and I am thinking of re-purchasing it.

It introduced several 19th century photographers then unknown to me, and exhibited some of the most spectacular photographs during the 150 years of photography up to that date.

Eva Watson-Schütze work was among those exhibited, and in reviewing all of my NMWA journals this month, I came across one of their recent acquisitions of her work. The photographer was among those introduced by Alfred Stieglitz, a photographer and artist in his own right, and someone who brought artists together, not only in Camera Notes, but in salon--an art form in itself.

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