Kate Haggerty's Journal (4)

Materials: Sailor Calligraphy pen, Sailor ink used for bird outlines; Lamy Safari 1.1 nib with Noodler's Red Black ink used for text. Portfolio oil pastels for birds.

14 April '09, 6:32 PM: Life moves too quickly. Too slowly. And we are on Spring Break and at our cabin after months and months of being kooped (sic) up in the City but since we live close to the Park - we often get to see and hear some City birds.

I can't really see them but occasionally I see a tree bough move in a funny way and try to peer through my bedroom window to see if it is a bird.

But here at the cabin, all I have to do is walk outside and if I wait just a few minutes I'll see one--a bird in the sky, or one of (sic) bushes or on a branch of a tree.

We'll be here until Sunday. I wonder how many birds I'll see.

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