Achieving White Balance

Searching for a remedy for murky looking photographs, I came upon this explanation here.

Here are all the specifications and the rating for my Canon Powershot SD600.

Still, murky in daylight on manual.


  1. I have a Canon Elph, but a different version. I have tried every possible white balance setting, auto, daylight, cloudy, and all my pics still come out dark & frustrating, even on the brightest of days. Me thinks this is because I shoot most of my work in macro mode, and with the aperture closed down so far and with such a tiny lens, it just never lets in enough light to give a decent picture. I am speaking mostly of images of ink on paper. Object pics come out ok, but white or ivory paper throw the camera into a tizzy....

  2. You may have hit it on the nail. If we keep doing reviews of paper & ink, we'll be frustrated by insufficient light.

    I may have to get out my Olympus and see if I can get it up and running. It may work better. It has more options but is so old, I've neglected the poor soul.

  3. Actually.... I'm thinking maybe once I get through this batch of ink reviews that I'll have had enough. (And I have about 12-15 more to go... Ack!)