International Fake Journal Month

Reading Roz' blog can be likened to a fun art class. This month she has inaugurated the International Fake Journal Month project here.

So, while I was in Callicoon looking for a new pencil jar at the Thrift Store (found a good one for a buck fifty), I also picked up a hardbound teen story book for fifty cents, 112 pages.**

Potential Fake Journal*

If I can gear up, the journal pages will either be gessoed, or painted with light washes of acrylic and watercolour; then scribbled in with ink, pen and markers or collaged.

I will turn the clock back and take the persona of Kate Haggerty, nearly 16 years old, student of Latin, Greek, fashion and boys.

Although as Kate, I live in the City year long, my parents bought a country house the year after I was born that is only a little over 2 hours away. We visit there often, and it is at the lake,that is our southern boundary, that I dream of becoming a famous actress, a world class surgeon, an African explorer and among other fancies, a race car driver.

Occasionally another friend from the City joins us for a weekend, but otherwise I find myself in the company of the local teenagers from whom I learn how to cut wood, canoe at night, smoke behind the barn, and many other useful skills not necessary in my urban private school daily life.

It is also the summer of my 16th birthday and romance is in the air.
So, I have a persona, an abbreviated biography and a place to jump off into fake journal mode.

Where will it go?

* It appears this is a autographed copy.
** Pages are very thin; will probably glue two together especially as the number of pages is 112 not the 64 I originally thought.

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