Which and What Pen or Pencil

I am grateful to these wonderful bloggers who tested pens and pencils. I have one or two of these pens or pencils, but not many, and as I am far from the maddening crowd of art suppliers, these tests are invaluable to me.

At Land of Lost Luggage, Julie Prichard tested a variety of pens on several acrylic substrates here.

Gentian at Drawing with a Squirrel did a colourful sample test of the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens here.

I have these and really like playing with them when writing notes with different colours. I haven't used them for any art project...yet!

Jana Bouc's journal compared three sepia pens and several sepia inks recently here.

I love the colour sepia and eagerly awaited the results of Jana's tests. I own all of the pens tested but only in black. I don't have these inks, but do have the Sennelier sepia--a lovely rich colour.

Alberto at Lung Sketching Scrolls has been very helpful with his recent reviews and photo examples of white coloured pencils, Caran d'ache Supra color watercolour pencils and the Uni-Ball #3 watercolour set.

Like Alberto after I got the Uni-Ball #2 watercolour set from Jet Pens, I ordered the #3 set. It's nice to know that these are the equivalent of the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer pencils, and that the Caran d'ache pencils are a good substitute for the Durers.

I will try to do a compare and contrast of my own white pencils, and do some doodling with the Uni-ball #3 watercolour set...later this week.


  1. Thanks for including me in your post :) I wish I wish I had bought a Uni watercolour set before they sold out. I think I waited too long. I hope you enjoy the #3 set and look forward to your reviews!

  2. Gentian, it was a pleasure to include your write up.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this review! It is really helpful.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the Sennelier sepia. I was disappointed to find out that the sepia ink I liked best was "student grade" and not lightfast. I've been trying to find another good sepia ink.

  5. Seth and Jana, thanks for stopping by.

    I hope the Sennelier inks work for you, Jana.