It's All His Fault

It doesn't matter what the issue, it's all his fault.

Yes, the President's fault.

Yes that President who was elected in November and has been in office for about eight months.

It's all his fault.

It's his fault we have homeless in Washington.

Defending on your position, it's his fault we don't have health care reform. Or it could be his fault if we do!

It is most definitely his fault we are ending one war, still in another and not winning.

It is his cabinet's fault, and therefore his fault, that the economy is near depressive, post-recessive and has bottomed out.

He is responsible for anti-2nd amendment rhetoric and surely wishes to take all those (un)necessary guns away from the militia.

It is his fault that people in "open carry" States are taking firearms to town halls.

The President may be plotting to kill grandmothers like me, and force retired military to consider suicide.

He forgot to fire Blackwater.

What else?

I nearly forgot global warming and climate change. Is Jim Hansen right? Is the President doing too little or too much to squeeze his foot into a smaller shoe?

It doesn't matter what area of life, or issue, or idea, or philosophy, it is all his fault, and to make matters worse he is suspiciously Fascist, although some believe he is a Socialist. Then again, he could be the anti-Christ.

And don't forget he is racist.

He is also suspiciously un-American. It is likely he was not born in Hawaii but elsewhere. The where to be determined by the Birther Movement.

You chose!

And when you do chose, remember we gave President George W. Bush 8 years to be at fault.

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