Post Office Changes

Old Troy NY Post Office

I was at my friendly post office today.

Chip said, "Where ya been?"

I feel guilty. I haven't written a postcard, or sent a parcel for weeks.

But the news is the office will be closed each day from 11:00-12:30pm; close about 1/2 hour early each day; and remain open on Saturday until Noon.

But rumour has it: no Saturday deliveries coming up soon.


  1. You haven't written a postcard or sent a parcel for weeks?? Egads! This, along with millions like you, is why our postal service is suffering!

    I don't believe it about no Saturday delivery. I think they'll cut Tuesdays first, or some other day of the week. Two no-mail days in a row? Tragic!

    (Maybe I have my head in the sand, deliberately. No mail on Saturdays? LA LA LA LA LA - I CAN'T HEAR YOU.)

  2. I'll try to do better and bring up the cash register and avert the closing.