Endangered Species: The Pub...and the Cafe

This piece in the New York Times of the endangered species, the British pub, harshly reminds me of all the changes in free-time occupations I once thought were normal.

In New York City, I had my favourite spots to lunch, brunch, drink coffee or have the occasional drink.  Many are gone.   But they were often my life savers.  I could stop after work or perhaps during a long lunch hour somewhere, sit a wee bit and stop the brain from churning and burning.

New York City

I even had a favourite "crying bench" on Astor Place opposite one of the agencies I frequently visited, an organisation I always had to fuss with and about and even occasionally shed tears over.

Northampton, MA Main Street

In Western Massachusetts, I had several stops, one just a set of stairs leading to a candy shop that sold excellent coffee, and had small tins that I fancied.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands Cafe-Pub

In Amsterdam, I generally went to the Stedelijk Museum for coffee with friends.

Here in the Upper Delaware, there are too few cafes and I only go when passing them on the highway or when I am desperate for a total change of environment.

I miss the cafe, and the pubs.  I miss them because they were congenial, and most of all I miss them because it is where I did my best writing.

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