Trapped but can Waite

With more than one foot of snow, and snow still coming down, I am trapped until I can slowly dig myself out.  I did try around half past six, but suddenly as my shovel hit the packed mounds, more snow came and I came back inside.

Facing the first road from my house ©

Shovel laying idle and still more than 40 feet from car ©

But yesterday, no internet, and not boredom but that trapped feeling I watched some old "Bones" episodes and who should appear but Ralph Waite as FBI Agent Booth's grandfather.   My watching came directly on the heels of reading that he had died on Thursday (February 13, 2014) at age 85.

Ralph Waite

I was not a frequent viewer, but definitely watched Ralph Waite in his landmark television program, The Waltons.

I am, however, a frequent NCIS viewer and always found some strange tingle that Mr. Waite was Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) aging, but lovely father.   The casts that shared Ralph Waite with younger television audiences honored him together.   The obituary in the New York Times appears to be the most complete.

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