I am water resistant, and I love to draw

It is the Urban Sketchers that often lead me to a product, and so I discovered the Artline pens quite awhile ago.  Blick's carries them, and I believe they are available now at other art supply shops.

The Ohto I bought at Jet Pens, and also got the hi-five from an Urban Sketcher.

I took the three traditionally packed sizes, 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 and lined them up on White Lines paper.

These two differ somewhat in line width, but both are water resistant and work very well with wet media.

The caps on the Ohto pop off quickly.  The Artlines are snug. 

The Ohto line is thicker in all 3 sizes.

A set of three Artline is $4.99, a bargain.   They can also be purchased individually.

A set of six Ohto Graphic Liners is $15.00.  Individual pens are also available.

The Artline's may be a tad more resistant to a large swipe of a wet brush.

Everyone has their own taste and preference, but I may prefer the Artline in the long run.

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