Korea moves into competition in the world of art: Shinhan markers

One of my stop overs driving from Pittsburgh to the Catskills includes coffee or lunch in Lewisburg and a visit to Brushstrokes, something that is now a part of my ideal itinerary.   They always have the latest art supplies, are as pleasant as any shopkeepers I've met, very accommodating and both Randy & Kathy are extremely knowledgeable as is their staff.   Important, too, is that the shop is competitive even against some of the larger art supply shops.

ShinHan markers

Two or three visits ago I bought one ShinHan marker. 

I liked it.

When I returned months later, I bought six, all dark colours.  

ShinHan is a Korean art supplier and/or manufacturer who appears to carry a great number of art supplies, but thus far I've only seen their markers.

They compare favourably to Copic markers, have a slightly less potent smell and best of all they are less expensive, and lighter weight, making them easier to carry.

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