Vanishing Landmarks, erasing my past

This month alone I've learned the fate of the Folk Museum on 53rd Street, the library on the opposite side of the street, and today about Rizzoli Bookstore on 57th Street.  Yes, it takes me that long to read the Sunday Book Section!

Rizzoli Bookstore, 57th Street, NYC

Why does New York City have so little respect for an historical perspective on its buildings?

Sixth Avenue became the Avenue of the Americas and one long corridor of glass.

Coney Island was torn down and replaced with rubble.

The East and West Villages have lost much of their charm with the University's enroaching grab at one building after another.

The list is endless and mind boggling.

And Rizzoli is where I bought my first over-sized art book on Rodin more than 40 years ago .

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