Books: Some good reading

This new entry in South American literature, a combination of magical realism and romance by Carolina de Robertis,"The Invisible Mountain" might be worth a read.

Clara's War, taken from a young girl's journal, might be a must read for its stark look at Poland during World War II.

Graphic novels reviewed here spark my interest as visual art intersects with the written word in a genre that is getting more and more mainstream attention.

And here's another look in the New York Times.

Particle Tarot, Dave McKean ©

I was introduced to the graphic and comic book world through tarot, first with Dave McKean's Vertigo Tarot, then Neil Gaiman's wonderful children and adult fictions. I was thrilled when I was able to trade a piece of art for Particle Tarot, then difficult to obtain.

Over the ensuing years I have followed some of the better known contributors, and most recently I've added Barron Storey's blog to my artfuller list.

On the opposite side of the writing spectrum Empire of Illusion, Chris Hedges' latest book, captures my intellectual curiosity. Among progressive thinkers and writers, I rank Hedges as among the most elastically brilliant. He reminds me of Bill Buckley, but with a liberal rather than a conservative perspective. Some of Hedges in depth pieces explore society in ways infrequently examined and undoubtedly this recent book will not be a disappointment.

An interview with Mr. Hedges here.

And a look back at Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice" had me searching my own bookshelves to ensure I still have my own copy.

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