Never Underestimate a Comedian gone Senator

The newest Senator in Congress, Al Franken says in excellent judicial language what others should have said, could have said, didn't say and remain loathe to say: the Supreme Court has wrested power in more than one instance and in one instance that shifting balance of power altered the course of the Presidential Election of 2000.

I hope other Senators, equally bright, brave the planks and take out their flashlights and shine some sanity, honesty, decency and integrity into the darkened rooms in Washington halls and in their own chamber.

Politics is not as usual, it has rather become a mockery of our Constitution, our inalienable rights as citizens, our pledges to be of the people, for the people. Our officials have instead become representatives of themselves for themselves as sole beneficiaries.

From "C Street" to Montana, from Alabama to Georgia, we are facing some of the crises in consciousness I haven't felt or experienced in 40 years. Some of these crises were swept under tables during President Bush's tenure, and some of these crises are erupting because of our present President's colour, and political persuasion, but regardless of their origin, we are due a change for the better as things appear for the worse.

Not only must we implore and insist our elected officials clean their houses, it is imperative that we require our journalists to take responsibility for inflaming the fires of extremism.

If hate begets hate, perhaps measured reasoning can beget reasonable men and women.

And if not, we are in for a moral decay not experienced in this country.

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