Don't Tick Me Off: Lyme Disease

It is a rare day that my eye does not take in a deer, and often those "dear deer" are on my property or on an adjoining neighbour's land.

These sensitive creatures are trying to survive on what little vegetation exists here in rocky land.

With no natural predators they multiple. And with their population growth comes more Lyme Disease.

Knowing that many of my neighbours have contracted the disease, and several who did not get diagnosed for ages, I find myself separated from my own desire to spread my wings or even sit in the grassy areas where the deer roam.

What I wonder can we do to alleviate the disease and protect the "dear" deer?

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  1. This comment from Karen Doherty, sent to me by email:

    Thank you for telling me about I will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out in September. I also encourage Lyme disease patients to check out the book "Lab 257." I love the deer, too, except when they munch on my cherry tree leaves! They become used to living close to us. A widower down my street in Greenport shelters them in his grove of trees, and even I leave them apples and nuts when there is a lot of snow on the ground. One deer even left a nose mark on my sun room window as a reminder for another apple.. Thank you for posting on terrible disease, which out on the East End of Long Island certainly impacts dogs as well as human beings. Fish and wildlife agencies are researching what to do to rid deer of ticks, but so far all of it involves pesticides, which is probably pretty unhealthy for the deer. A terrible situation, with no help in sight. Sad.