Dr. Orly Taitz Esq - Gets it wrong twice

I was hopping around Huffington and discovered Mr. Colbert had interviewed Dr. Orly Taitz Esq, one of several birther birthers.

Not only is she saying President Obama has not proven his citizenship by submitting a birth certificate, she fumbled the law on citizenship.

Why do I know this?

My children were not born in the US. I had to do some research on their status as a result and learned:

- in their country of birth, the Netherlands, the father's nationality prevails; hence although my children could seek dual citizenship, they are US citizens with two birth records. One record is an international birth certificate issued by the U. S. Department of State acknowledging birth, while the other is a Dutch record of birth with all the details a traditional certificate contains in the US.

- all children born in the United States are automatically American citizens. Any child regardless of their parents' nationality, immigration status or citizenship is automatically issued a certificate of birth and naturalised.

I also have a friend with three passports because of the wide differences in ascribing citizenship. Daniel has an American birth certificate having been born during a visit to Louisiana by his parents. He has a British passport and certificate of residence because his father is British. And he has an Australian passport and recognition of Australian citizenship because his mother is a citizen.

So, drum-roll for me:

Not only are the birther's quacking and squawking, this lawyer is incompetent and should check her facts.

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